New Project Approach

Northampton Country Club Clubhouse Addition

Considering a facility expansion is a positive sign that your business is growing. There are many things to take into account when planning that expansion:

  • How the addition will tie into your existing facility.
  • What renovations will need to be done to the existing facility in order to incorporate that expansion.
  • What your facility needs are.

Contacting Jerdon Construction is a good first step as you begin the groundwork of your addition and renovation.

Northampton Country Club selected Jerdon Construction as their contractor to add a 4,500 SF dining room and bar to their clubhouse.

The addition required extensive grade changes and elevational pickups to tie the addition into the existing facility that bordered the golf course and pool areas. Jerdon created an extensive paver patio on the lower level and a hardscape terrace installed on the upper level that transitioned into the grand ballroom. Interior alterations were made to the locker rooms and Grille room.

Two new door entrances were installed on the 2nd level of the building to provide access to the terrace. New staircases were installed to access the upper & lower levels along with paver lined sidewalks to the pool & golf course. Existing patio planters were salvaged and reused in the new design. Interior and exterior finishes were matched to existing finishes and operable folding windows were installed to create open air dining.  The grounds also received a new flagpole and custom-made clock.

Jerdon was able to complete the fast-tracked project within the six-month deadline, even they lost 68 workdays to extensive rain.