Tank Farm Relocation

Mack Trucks selected Jerdon Construction to perform the concrete package of a tank farm relocation. Work included the demolition of existing asphalt and soils, and the addition of mud slab due to underlying rock conditions. The project was managed by an out-of-state engineer, so there were many phone calls and emails to keep project on schedule.

The new concrete tank farm pad is 150 feet by 80 feet and includes a truck unloading containment area. The structure contains numerous bollards for tank protection and utilized macro fiber concrete reinforcement for crack control, as well as insulation below grade for frost protection. The project had a tight schedule and needed to be completed in 37 days.

Project Highlights

  • Fast track project requiring an extensive amount of sitework.
  • Onsite utility locator was used to identify underground utilities.
  • Large amounts of concrete poured on a single shift.
  • Concrete supplier dedicated several trucks for hours to keep up with the demand.
  • Project had to stay on schedule to keep the large addition to the existing building on schedule.